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January 14, 2022 Growing Global
"Unrest Around the World"

Changing Laws
"COVID Preparing the Acceptance of Concentration Camps"

12th. Nigh
"And Its Connection to Mardi Gras"


January 7, 2022 More Pandemics 2022?
"Moving Toward the4th Seal"

Changing Laws
"A Shadow of the Future Mark of the Beast"

Brain Implants
"Are The the Mark of the Beast?"

December 31, 2021 Future Lock Downs
"Creating Laws Behind Locked Doors"

"Events are Merging at the Same Time"

January 8th
"Any Special Meaning for America?"

December 24, 2021 H.R. 550
"Another Trojan Horse"

The Renewal
"Spiritual Solution For Our Nation"

God's Covenant for America

December 17, 2021 Fast Tracking Prophecy
"The Sojourner Within"

World Watch
"Germany - Merkel is Out"

New Guardian - UN

This Generation Shall Not Pass
Part 3

December 10, 2021 A Nation Void
Of Godly Leadership

Russia and China

This Generation
Shall Not Pass - Part 2

December 3, 2021 This Generation
Shall Not Pass - 80th Anniversary

World Watch
Russia and China

COVID Mutates Again
Omicron Variant From Africa

Biblical Nuggets
This Generation
Shall Not Pass

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