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July 10, 2020 New Storms
"On the Horizon"

"Violence and Crime on the Rise"

Assault On Our

July 3, 2020 Culture Change
"The Real Reason for the Violence"

"Remember Our Culture"

"Tammuz 17"

June 26, 2020 Violence
"On the Rise in America?"

Supreme Court
"New Ruling for LGBTQ in the Workplace"

Miracle of Dunkirk
"80 Years Later"

June 19, 2020 Violence
"In America - The New Norm?"

The 1920's
"100 Yrs. Later History Repeating Itself"

Luke 21:22
"The Period of Roaring Seas"

June 12, 2020 Rioting
"And the Herd Mentality"


"Repeating Itself the - 60's"

June 5, 2020 Iniquity
"Shall Abound"

The 1960'S
"Repeating Itself"

"Repeating Itself"

May 29, 2020 Paul Harvey
"The Working Man"

Prager U
"Separation of Church and State"

"And the Jubilee"

May 22, 2020 Memorial Day
"Remembering the Fallen"

Abraham Lincoln
"Warnings Coming to Reality"

"And the Jubilee"

May 15, 2020 COVID-19 Trackers
"HR 6666"

COVID-19 Trackers
"Where is This Taking Us?"

COVID Targeting
"The New  Brown Shirts?"


May 8, 2020 China
"Leveling the Playing Field"

Changes In America
"Due to the Virus"

"Religious Fundamentalists"

May 1, 2020 The Battle of Puebla
"The True Story of Cinco De  Mayo"

Changing Laws
"For the Youth and Gender"

A Man To Stand
"In the Gap"

April 24, 2020 Coronavirus
"From Foundational Shifts, To the Cost of Containment of the Virus"

The Pope and Covid-19
"Nature' Response to Climate Change?"

The Bible
"And the Liberal Left"

April 17, 2020 Coronavirus
"From Foundational Shifts to the Cost of Containment of the Virus

The Pope and Covid-19
"Nature's Response to Climate Change?"

The Bible
"And the Liberal Left"

April 10, 2020 Earthquakes
"In The Middle of the Country"

"Continuing Coverage"

God's Shemitah
"And COVID-19"

April 3, 2020 Coronavirus
"Foundational Shifts"

"Repeating Itself"

"Of the 10 Toes of Daniel"

March 27, 2020 Coronavirus - "Affects of People's Actions"

"History Repeating Itself"

How Prepared - "Are We Going Forward?"
March 20, 2020 Prayer In America
"Call for Day of Prayer"

Coronavirus - "Recent Updates"

God's New Year
"1st. Fruits"

Special Live Stream Sermon This Sabbath
1:00 PM Central Time at

March 13, 2020 Global Energy

"Continues its Expansion

Seven Time Punishment - Leviticus
March 6, 2020 Coronavirus
"Precursor to Matt. 24 and Revelation?"

The 2020 Election
America's Trojan Horse - Spiritual Civil War"

The 2020 Elections
"Tammuz 9 and Tammuz 17"
February 28, 2020 Pope Frances
Uniting World Religions Expands


The 2020 Election
"America's Trojan Horse" Comes Riding In

Biblical Nuggets - "America's Trojan Horse"
February 21, 2020 Coronavirus - "New Name"

Discerning the Times
"Deal of the Century"

Spiritual Civil War

The Reconstituted - "Beasts of Daniel"
February 14, 2020 Coronavirus - "Global Pandemic Coming"

Trump's Peace Plan
"Is it the Deal of the Century"

Spiritual Civil War - "Two Sides of the Battle"

Brexit - "Beginning of Biblical Fulfillment?"

February 7, 2020 Biblical Reminders
"Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes

The U.S. Economy - Part 3

Brexit - And the Book of Revelation

Brexit - "Daniel 2/Revelation 17
January 31, 2020 Doomsday Clock
"Just Moved Closer to Midnight"

The U.S. Economy
"3 Yrs. Into the Trump Administration"

Doomsday Clock and "Biblical Midnight"

Plus Last Min News - The Coronavirus"
January 24, 2020 Professor Promoting
"Pederastry (Pedophilia)"

The U.S. Economy
"3 yrs. into the Trump Administration"

Mardi Gras Part 2
"Connected to Christianity"
January 17, 2020 United Methodist Church
"To Split Over LGBT Issues

Chess Match in the - Middle East Part 2

Biblical Nuggets

"Mardi Gras"
January 10, 2020 Chess Match in the Middle East

The Growing Popularity
"Christian Youth Festivals"

The Trojan Horse

"Christian Youth Festivals"
January 3, 2020 Two California Stories

The New Age of Enlightenment,
Connection and Humanism

God's Rainbow
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