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December 27, 2019 The Hypocrisy of
"Disrespecting the American Flag"

The Changing Culture
"Of Our Nation"

We three Kings
"The Maji"
December 20, 2019 Hallmark
"Gives in to LGBTQ Pressure

Boris Johnson
"Landside Victory for Brexit"

Christmas Unwrapped
"Origins of Christmas"
December 13, 2019 Pope Francis
"Fundamentalists are a Scourge"

Brain Implants
Where Do We Go From Here

Mark of the Beast
Revelation 13
December 6, 2019 President Trump
"Thanksgiving in Afghanistan"

Angel Merkel
"Freedom of Speech - Curtailed"

Silver and God
"Ezekiel 7:19"
November 29, 2019 Sprite's
"New Ad Campaign"

U.S. Debt
"The Unsustainable Path"

Pharaoh's Dream
"And the End Time"
November 22, 2019 Thanksgiving Special

Freedom From Religion
"Assault of Christianity"

"Spending Extra Time With God"
November 15, 2019 Lawlessness
"Paving the Way for Sodom & Gomorrah

"Lessons for Our Day"

Unleashing Satan's Final Solution
November 8, 2019 Veterans Day
We Salute You

Normalization of the Drag Queens

God's Veterans Day
Hebrews 11
November 1, 2019 Gender Battles
A New Face of the Problem

All Saint Day
"Facts and Contradictions"

Satan's Holy Days
October 11, 2019 Green New  Meal
Saving Our Planet

The Bible
Incompatible With the World

Fall Holy Days
October 4, 2019 Health Alert
World Health Organization

Pope Francis Calls
World Education Conference

Fall Holy Days
The Day of Atonement
September 27, 2019 Emmy Awards - Hollywood Strikes Again

Climate Action - Summit Sept 2019

Global Climate - And a Child Shall Lead Them

Fall Holy Days - Feat of Trumpets
September 20, 2019 Censoring Free Speech On Facebook

September 11, 2001
Somebody Did  Something Response

Potential War
Looming in the Middle East

At The Appointed Time - Part 5
September 13, 2019 Constitution Day

Climate Change Crisis

Pope Calls For a
Summit on the Climate

At The Appointed Time - Part 4

September 6, 2019 9/11 Patriots Day

9/11 Warning
"Shot Across the Bow"

At The Appointed Time - Part 3
August 30, 2019 Multi-Faith

The Rain Forest

At the Appointed Time - Part 2

August 23, 2019 News Briefs
"Global News Focus"

Economic Slowdown
"Heading to a Recession?"

At The Appointed Time - Part 1

August 16, 2019 Anti-Semitism - "School Curriculum"

Christian Persecution - "In the School System"

Climate Change or Biblical Curses

Babylon's Fallen
August 9, 2019 Climate Change - Hypocrisy

Deadly Shootings - 2 Attacks in 24 Hours

Continual Assault - On Conservatism

9th. of AV
August  2, 2019 California
Natural Gas Ban

Social Media Giants

UN Sanction
Assault on Israel

Raise Up A Child
July 26, 2019 Climate - Emergency Bill - 2030

Cultural Change
Dissolving Bonds With Israel

Israel's Border
Set By The Hand of God
June 19, 2019 Apollo 11
50th. Anniversary

Removing Our Culture

Biblical Nuggets
Tammuz 17
July 12, 2019 Freaky Weather
Hail, Hurricanes and Earthquakes

EU Elections
And Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Tammuz 9
Coming Calamities
July 5, 2019 Gay Pride Month
"Flaunting Their Sins"

Christian Persecution
"Alarming Rise"

The Debt Spiral
June 28, 2019 Weather
Hit and Run Like a Sniper

Follow the Money

July 4th
And Tammuz 17
June 21, 2019 Gay Pride Month
Changing the faces of America

Follow the Money

Cry Aloud
Message of Doom
Message of Hope
June 14, 2019 Georgia - Ground "0" for Pro-Life Fight

Illegal Immigration - Risks of Ebola

Follow the Money - Gold Sales Soaring

Parenthetical Insert - Ephraim and Manasseh
June 7, 2019 Revelation Building
"Little Known Building in Rome"

Apocalyptic Changes Ahead?

Feast of Weeks
Pentecost 50th Jubilee

May 31, 2019 D-DAY JUNE 6, 1944
75th Anniversary

U.S. - China
Digging in for the Long Haul

Feast of Weeks
Pentecost 50th Jubilee
May 24, 2019 Memorial Day
Horning the Fallen

U.S. - China
Entering into a New Cold War?

Feast of Weeks
Pentecost 50th Jubilee
May 17, 2019 Borders
Bursting at the Seams

U.S. - China
Trade War Tensions

Feast of Weeks
Pentecost 50th.
May 10, 2019 Islam and LGBTQ

Roaring Seas

Feast of Weeks

May 3, 2019 The Pope
$500,000 Aid to Caravans

Biblical Genocide - The Missing Link

Feast of Weeks
April 26, 2019 Iran Oil Sanctions

Notre Dame Cathedral

Midnight Death Angel

April 19, 2019 Let Your Yea be Yea -
"Some People Did Something"

Notre Dame Cathedral

"Misinterpretation for Easteer
April 12. 2019 Mid-West Flooding

Chick-fil-A - Back in the news again

Duality of God's Plan
April 5, 2019 Pennsylvania
Allah is Fine, Jesus is Not

President Threatens -
Boarder Closures

God's New Year - First Fruits
March 29, 2019 New On The Radar
Red Flag Bond Yield Reversed

Israel's Sovereignty of The Golan Heights

The Book of Queen Esther/Purim
March 22, 2019 The Millennia's
Growing Population - Leadership

The SDG - The 2030 Agenda

Deception and Lying Wonders
The Deception of Leadership
March 15, 2019 The Fox
"In the Hen House"

LDS Temple in Rome
"Pope and Prophet Meet"

Deception and  Lying Wonders "Dissecting the Deception"
March 8, 2019 Turning Cities of Israel into Hell

Keep Babies Alive Bill -
Fails in the U.S. Senate

Deception and Lying Wonders - Looking to the Heavens
March 1, 2019 Pope Oversees - Sex Abuse Conference

Satan's Bait and Switch - Capturing the Young

Deception and Lying Wonders - Deceiving Ourselves
February 22, 2019 Muslim Security patrol in Brooklyn, NY

The Pope in Morocco

The New Green Deal Follow Up Part 2

Deception and Lying Wonders
February 15, 2019 Pope in the UAE - One World Religion

It Ain't Easy Being Green - On the Road to Socialism?

Deception - And Lying Wonders Pt. 2

February 8, 2019 Late Term Abortion - Spreading to Other States

Seeing is Believing - Deep Fake Videos

Deception - And Lying Wonders

February 1, 2019 NNI - News Briefs

New Middle East - Arms Race

Mardi Gras - Connecting the Holidays

January 25, 2019 NNI - News Briefs

Culture Change in America

Iniquity Shall Abound

January 18, 2018 Super Blood Moon - God's Faithful Witness

The U.S. Debt - Principles of Biblical Prosperity

12th Night - The Start of Mardi Gras

January 11, 2019 The Abortion Apocalypse

The U.S. Debt - Government Shut Down

The Biblical Connection -
The Battle of New Orleans Part 2

January 4,2018 Silencing The Opposition - The Purge Continues

Partial Gov't. Shutdown

The Biblical Connection - To the Battle of New Orleans
January 1,2019 Silencing the Opposition

Partial Gov't. Shutdown

The Biblical Connection

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