Summer TV Special Programs and Interviews


Start your Sabbath this
Friday evening
with a new special
one hour message
for July 4th, 2014

Freedom -
Cries From Within”

Every year we in America sets aside a special day we call July 4th. 
This Important message talks about the FREEDOM that most of the world doesn't know about.  Freedom that is built within each of us. 
We in America are loosing our Freedom, our heritage that God give to each us from the beginning of time.

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In Memory of the Fallen

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Lecture by:
Stephen J. Spykerman

Time to Lift Your Prophetic Veil"

Be Prepared to be Uplifted and Encouraged when you hear the incredible heritage of our
Great Nation.

Thursday Night Lecture


The Covenant
One Nation Under God

An Interview with Best Selling author
Timothy Ballard


God's Unchanging Word
TV Interview with
Stephen J. Spykerman

Mr. Stephen J Spykerman
Author of
"The Covenant With Death"

Returns to
God's Unchanging Word
Tom Kerry

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