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God's Unchanging Word eNews Alert, November 25th, 2016

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November 25
th, 2016


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Post Thanksgiving Greetings from God’s Unchanging Word

Most people in America have just celebrated Thanksgiving; a national holiday set aside by our founding fathers to give thanks to Almighty God. Our forefathers understood the blessings that have been given to us and as George Washington stated, it is our ‘duty’ to honor God by thanking Him as a nation. But did we?

How can a nation thank God, when so many of its people don’t even acknowledge that God exists? How far removed is the America in which we now live, from the America founded all those years ago and even through the years? This year in particular seems to fly in the face of that thankful spirit which Washington understood completely. We have a large number of people who won’t even stand for our national anthem. How can you be thankful for our blessings and show such disrespect? Years ago, this would not have been tolerated. Now it is. What has happened?

Has the unthinkable already begun in America today? God’s Unchanging Word decided to post the recent sermon, “The Bloodsport of Intolerance.” Find out why the attitude and spirit of America has drastically changed. We are in much worse shape now than we were in 2001. Tom Kerry covers the details in this hard hitting sermon that calls out the evil that has permeated many in this country.

We are living in that time of lawlessness as told in scripture. We have lost sight of our national heritage, we have lost our way and we don’t even know who we are. We tolerate evil, disrespect, and total denial of the God who made us such as great nation. Find out just what this spirit of intolerance is and why is it so important to understand.



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“The Constitutional Christian.”

 Coming Soon!

Following the conclusion of the election next week we will resume production on our most important special to date. God has blessed us with two guests with name recognition that we hope will attract potential new people and introduce them to the valued prize of our calling.

The Constitutional Christian focuses three stages of America. First is to bring the reality of the importance of the blessings of the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Second, David Barton founder of Wall Builders, one the leading historians of America today takes us on the journey from the founding of our nation to our greatness due to our ties and obedience to God. And finally, the third part Governor Mike Huckabee takes us to the Fall of America as we remove God from our lives. It is a powerful story that America needs to hear.


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