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God's Unchanging Word eNews Alert, November 4th, 2016

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November 4
th, 2016


News, Nuggets, and Insights

“Happy Thanks Giving Day
News, Nuggets and Insights”

Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be the last “News, Nuggets, and Insights” before Thanksgiving; and so it is fitting that we at God’s Unchanging Word address this upcoming national holiday.

The founders of America knew the importance of thanking God for all of the blessings bestowed on the young nation. Having won independence from the mighty British Empire, they had to feel an enormous sense of gratitude for the victory that He had granted them. It is with this sentiment that President George Washington made a proclamation to set a day aside to be observed as a national holiday. Washington said it was our duty to acknowledge our blessings.

America is quite different from those early days of its founding. Somewhere along the way Thanksgiving Day became a day to eat and shop. Emphasis of thankfulness is rarely heard today except in certain circles. Many people just call it Turkey Day.

The very first Special for God’s Unchanging Word in 2013, highlights America’s founding and the importance of understanding its relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Our first special was shown as a Thanksgiving Special. We were blessed to have Timothy Ballard, author of “The Covenant” as our featured guest. We are happy to share our special program once again during this time of the year to reflect on our many blessings and God’s love for the United States of America.

Our latest special, “The Constitutional Christian,” is in the works. Please continue to pray that God guides this production in a way that will inspire people to seek Him. The Church of God, Ministries Int’l has been very blessed to be able to produce quality programs to put forth powerful and timely messages. As Washington said, it is our ‘duty’ to show gratitude to the one who bestows so many blessings upon us.

Have a joyous and bountiful Thanksgiving!

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God's Unchanging Word TV Special
With Mr. Timothy Ballard



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Click the image above to view the  Trailer
“The Constitutional Christian.”

 Coming Soon!

Following the conclusion of the election next week we will resume production on our most important special to date. God has blessed us with two guests with name recognition that we hope will attract potential new people and introduce them to the valued prize of our calling.

The Constitutional Christian focuses three stages of America. First is to bring the reality of the importance of the blessings of the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Second, David Barton founder of Wall Builders, one the leading historians of America today takes us on the journey from the founding of our nation to our greatness due to our ties and obedience to God. And finally, the third part Governor Mike Huckabee takes us to the Fall of America as we remove God from our lives. It is a powerful story that America needs to hear.


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