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God's Unchanging Word eNews Alert, November 4th, 2016

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November 4
th, 2016


News, Nuggets, and Insights

Although Winter is Approaching, it is NOT Time to Hibernate! God’s Unchanging Word Presents a Timely Message for This Week’s
“News, Nuggets, and Insights”

Many who were blessed to attend God’s Feast of Tabernacles have returned home spiritually uplifted and perhaps a bit mentally and physically drained. This is the time to focus on the spiritual re-charging of our minds and put that energy into practice!

There are many parallels in scripture that help us to relate the physical with the spiritual. As the weather becomes cooler, physically we tend to grow a bit slower, and sleepy. The Bible is full of warnings about falling asleep spiritually. These past Holy Days were uplifting and encouraging, but the physical and emotional efforts that we needed to spend, tend to slow us down. Getting back into the day to day grind of our lives can lull us into a ‘lukewarm’ attitude and stifle our spiritual growth.
This is exactly what Satan wants us to do. We are offering a brand new, timely sermon titled, “Post Feast Hibernation.” This message is geared to inspire and motivate God’s people to use their spiritual batteries that were filled during the Holy Days.
Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in endotherms (an animal that is dependent on or capable of the internal generation of heat). That would include us humans! Coming out of the Fall Holy Days, should have made us spirit-filled; so we should also be spirit-lead, as this new sermon will show. Find out what God has to say through His Holy Word about the importance of being ready and AWAKE!
Thank you all again for being part of a team that will be ‘doing’ its part of the work as God continues to recharge our spiritual batteries. We must keep building that relationship with God and His people as we go forward with the commission of preaching and teaching all things as Jesus commanded.




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Click the image above to view the  Trailer
“The Constitutional Christian.”

 Coming Soon!

Following the conclusion of the election next week we will resume production on our most important special to date. God has blessed us with two guests with name recognition that we hope will attract potential new people and introduce them to the valued prize of our calling.

The Constitutional Christian focuses three stages of America. First is to bring the reality of the importance of the blessings of the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Second, David Barton founder of Wall Builders, one the leading historians of America today takes us on the journey from the founding of our nation to our greatness due to our ties and obedience to God. And finally, the third part Governor Mike Huckabee takes us to the Fall of America as we remove God from our lives. It is a powerful story that America needs to hear.


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