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Tom Kerry just delivered his newest sermon, "December 25th - Day of the Invincible Sun".  This  is a very powerful Sermon and will get you to searching and studying even more on the origins of Christmas and what it means and doesn't mean.  We recommend you watch it today.

Hold Until Relieved

Hold Until Relieved - Just before the D-Day Invasion, Maj. John Howard with the British army dropped behind enemy lines via a gliders.  He was given an one order, take the bridge and "Hold Until Relieved".  God gives us the same instruction.  To take what He teaches us and Hold Fast to the Truth until the end.  Here is this Sermon Mr. Kerry compares Maj. Howard's orders to what we should be doing today.

Voices of the Prophets

The Prophets were set apart to do the Work. In the New Testament most people believe that all the Prophets were already gone or died. But in Acts you see Paul and Barnabas to seek out the Elders and Prophets. If we look back at our own life we may see the time when God has called us. It makes us a called person by God. We are to go out and warn and make witness about the return of Christ. And Satan knows this, and will do what ever it takes to stop it. We are to listen to the Prophets and learn from them to be able to do the work God has given us.

God's DNA

The term of forensic, it is now become a most widely used term in the case of solving crimes. But did you know it has a more deeper meaning. In looking at it in a Biblical term, there is more inside us from our past that if a forensic scientist looks at it what will they find. In our belief of God, He has His own form of DNS. Let us look and find just what is God's DNA. 

"The Two Seeds"
Part 1
The Wheat and the Tares
> "The Two Seeds"
Part 2
The Parable of the Sower

"The Two Seeds"
Part 3
The Fowls

Satan's Most Wanted
Satan's Most Wanted
Satan's Most Wanted
Satan's Most Wanted
Satan's Most Wanted

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