American Freedom Series

Freedom Cries Out From Within
July, 2014


Memory of the Fallen
May, 2014


Plant Your Flag
April, 2014


How Important Is Our Freedom
December, 2013


America - Pathway to Freedom
September, 2013


Times That Try Men's Souls
August, 2013


America Sold Out Part 1 - Post Middle East Spring
March, 2013


America Sold Out Part 2 - Embarkation
February, 2013


America Sold Out Part 3 - Post Fiscal Cliff Survival
January, 2013


This Generation Shall Not Pass
December, 2012


A Sad Day In America
November, 2012


July 4th. Is Freedom In Our Future
July, 2012


Has God Departed America
May, 2012


There Was A Time In America
February, 2012


Echoes Into The Next Generation
January, 2012


Enemy Within Our Gates
September, 2011


Why America Can't Solve Its Economic Problems
August, 2011

July, 2011


Our Heritage, Our Land
December, 2010

Devine Destiny of America
September, 2009

July 4, 1776
July, 2009


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