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June 9th, 2017


News, Nuggets, and Insights


Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch
Finally Gets Seated, The Tide Has Changed!
United States Pulls Out of Paris Climate Change Agreement
God’s Unchanging Word Presents An
In Depth Look at Pentecost

This week’s “News, Nuggets, and Insights” gives some startling statistics that the media does not want the public to know about the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Was Trump right in pulling out? According to many mainstream news outlets, the world will begin a downward spiral into chaos. Why are people so willing to believe in something that may or may not be true?

Neil Gorsuch as finally been seated as Supreme Court Justice, filling in the spot left void since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Find out how important this is for the future of God’s people in America. Has God given his people a little more time in order to preach the gospel as Christ commanded?

As we just come from keeping Pentecost, the Islamic religion has kept its Ramadan. “News, Nuggets, and Insights” reports of a disturbing decision made by the Netherlands. Amazingly, the Netherlands have been observing Pentecost since 1815, but the church wants it replaced by Eid-al-Fitr , marking the end of Ramadan. Join us as we highlight some very interesting quotes and warnings that relate to such changes in our world.


To whet your appetite for the DVD “Pentecost – Doorway to the Future,” this episode of “News, Nuggets, and Insights” presents you with some interesting facts from scriptures that focus on the importance of Pentecost and God’s timeline. Certain days had very significant meanings.


June 6, 1944 was a very special day in history, D-Day. The Church of God, Ministries Int’l presents a sermon given in June of 2009 titled, “Hold Until Relieved.” This is a story of Major John Howard and the D-Day Invasion. See how this powerful story parallels to our calling.

We hope you enjoy this week’s “News, Nuggets, and Insights.” Thank you for joining us and thank you for your prayers and support. We pray these past Holy Days have inspired you to continue to grow closer to God as we continue to learn more and more of His Holy Word.


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