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May 26th, 2017


News, Nuggets, and Insights


America Celebrates Memorial Day
As God’s People Continue
To Move Closer To Pentecost and
England Mourns the Loss of Innocent
Children at the Hands of ISIS!

This Monday, May 29th, America will honor its fallen heroes. Many will have barbeques and family gatherings, many will attend celebrations; but many Americans have lost the impact of the meaning of this special day set aside for the fallen American veterans. It is even called, “Memorial” Day.

This week’s “News, Nuggets, and Insights” pays tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America. From the Revolutionary War to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, all Americans will forever be in debt to those who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom In a land blessed by our Creator.

We hope you are inspired with this special presentation that reflects on the significance of Memorial Day. We start at the beginning. Just how did this day come to be and why is it so significant to every citizen of this great nation? Did you know that Memorial Day is not the original name given to this holiday? Find out some very interesting facts and poignant observations as God’s Unchanging Word brings forth a special program to honor our fallen soldiers and touch the hearts of Americans everywhere.

As we move from a day that humbles us while we lift high the memory of those who gave all, God’s people look forward to Pentecost, a day God set aside for His people to observe. Just how does the Day of Pentecost fit into the plan of God? As we count towards that fiftieth day from the “morrow after Passover,” the world has witnessed another hideous attack from ISIS in Manchester, England.

President Trump is in the middle of his foreign travels and is making history as he continues his theme of fighting terrorism. God’s people know that the only solution to this sick and evil world is the return of Jesus Christ. This week’s episode continues with the Power Point study of the journeys of the children of Israel. It is fitting that we find them at Mt. Sinai. Find out why as Tom Kerry shares a very interesting fact that is hidden in scripture. It is a significant day indeed.


In the mail! “The Spoils of Egypt – Pt 3,” a DVD that goes hand in hand with “The Exodus” series. Part 3 is titled “You Can Lead a Horse to Water.” This DVD is also online for you to download.


This will be the last week we will keep “Pentecost or Feast of Weeks” online for download. If you haven’t watched it yet, please be sure to watch it as this sermon makes clear just why Pentecost is vital to the plan of God and how “The Feast of Weeks” relates to the Day of Pentecost.


We are bringing you a very special program next week on “News, Nuggets, and Insights.” For years The Church of God, Ministries Int’l has been warning of the threat of losing our religious freedoms. Please join us next week as we present some very concerning news of the speeches recently given by Justice Alito that continue with a theme of dire warning to Christians in the land of the free, America. Just what does this mean to God’s people and how can we prepare to lose such a blessing? Is there anything we can do to stop this from happening?

Thank you for your prayers, your love, and your support. Please remember those who gave all for the freedoms we still have. From God’s Unchanging Word, God bless each of you and have a safe and meaningful Memorial Day weekend.



The Constitutional Christian focuses three stages of America. First is to bring the reality of the importance of the blessings of the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Second, David Barton founder of Wall Builders, one the leading historians of America today, takes us on the journey from the founding of our nation to our greatness due to our ties and obedience to God. And finally, the third part, Governor Mike Huckabee takes us to the Fall of America as we remove God from our lives. It is a powerful story that America needs to hear.


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We are providing a special presentation of the sermon, “Pentecost or The Feast of Weeks” given in 2011.  This is a message about Pentecost and is meat in due season as we approach this time of year.

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