eNewsLetter August 13, 2010

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Our Featured Internet TV Program
Children Under Siege


WE have posted our latest edition of God's Unchanging Word to the website.  As you will see we still have some technical issues we are working on.

Last week had the people from the local television station came to the church, and looked over what we have set up for the mini-studio.  They were impressed with the progress we have made on such a little budget.  One of the items they pointed out was our video cameras.  They said we should attempt to get the next stage up which is the professional video cameras.  The ones we have are not best suited for what we are trying to produce, but will work.  They showed us some settings which will help with the videos.  But we still need to serious look at other cameras.  Patrick stated he will get us some information about the cameras and businesses that hve lease purchase agreements.  He also stated that they would be in the range of $7,000.00 each.

As for our lighting, it is improving.  They complimented us on how we were able to pick up the items we needed for light and gel covers locally and how much money we were able to save in doing this.  The normal cost for studio lighting runs approx. $4 - $5,000, but we were able to get the same effects for less than $100.00 and a few days of hard work.

We have plans to have another edition up online in about a week, we are shooting for August 22nd.

In additional to the above we have been busy placing videos online via YouTube.  At this present time, we have over 100 video clips.  As you know, YouTube had a restriction of 10 min. length.  This meant each 1 hour sermon needed to be split into 6 different parts.  They have just increased their time frame to 15 min. each.  So now we will have 60 min. Sermons in 4 parts unless the Sermon goes beyond the 60 min. time frame.

We also have a number of different video which we have placed on UStream.  We will be adding more over the next couple of weeks.

Our YouTube Channel address is:   https://www.youtube.com/user/gucw1#p/a

We can also now be found on the following Social Networks:

Twitter at: http://twitter.com/GUCW1

FaceBook at: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/GodsUnchangingWord

UStream at:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/god-s-unchanging-word

That is about it for now, we just wanted to bring all our brethren and viewers up to date on what is happening at God's Unchanging Word. 

And remember the Feast of Tabernacles will be upon us before we know it, starting the evening of September 22nd., 2010.  For more information visit us at: https://thecogmi.org/fot.htm



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