eNewsLetter July 4, 2010

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Mr. Tom Kerry in our studio set working on our first production for God's Unchanging Word.


First, I would like to state, how sorry I am for the technical problems this morning with our first broadcast of God's Unchanging Word.

After receiving a number of phone calls about problems, I contacted the provider and it was found that the site link given to use was incorrect.  It was a link for a test site that we closed over a year and a half ago.  They gave me their upmost apology for this problem that it may have caused our viewers.  The provider is a very respected service provider in the industry and it appears that the link was not changed with the new updated site.

Below is the correct link.  Our first broadcast is now online for your viewing at both God's Unchanging Word's own website at www.gucw.org
and at UStream at: www.ustream.tv/channel/god-s-unchanging-word

Again I apologize for the inconvenience that may have caused in viewing our program.

Jeff Kerry

Please share this alert with all your friends, and have them sign up for future email alerts. In the meantime, take a moment to go online and take a look at God’s Unchanging Word at www.gucw.org 

After you’ve had the opportunity to view the program on Sunday, please take a moment and send us a comment and share your thoughts.

Take care, and my God grant you a very special FREEDOM Week end.
With all my love,



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