ďOut of the Mouth
of Two WitnessesĒ


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Saturday Nights: April 4, April 11, April 18
Times: 11:00PM ET, 10:00 PM CT, 9:00 MT, 8:00PM


We have confirmed the times and the dates for our first television broadcast with the Lesea Broadcast Network.

We have been blessed to get some good times at prices we can afford. The following dates are confirmed so far. If we are able to get additional sponsorship, we will extend the dates, and.3 possibly move the times or make other changes.

The Lesea Network is carried on most of the cable networks including Dish, Direct TV, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, AT&T, Sky Angle and others.

Additionally, they have many network stations that carry their programming like WHNO-TV New Orleans, WHM-_TV South Bend, IN; KWHE-TV Honolulu, HI; WHMB-TV Tulsa, OK. And many more.

Additionally, we will be offering the program in this monthís return card in the newsletter, and finally weíll be posting it on the website beginning the first week in April.


We are not yet able to financially commit to a yearly contract, but we have good news. Thanks to many of you, we are able to begin television with a powerful outreach on a limited scale. Plus, God has blessed us with an amazing line up in the first special as you will see. We believe that will bring attention to the special and with Godís blessings more people to the website.

We have two primary goals, first is to draw concern for the times in which we live. And second is to get people to go to the website and sign up for the email alerts, and hopefully get them to begin researching Godís Truths for deeper meat in Godís Holy Word. This would be their first step into the understanding of Godís Truths as we know them. (Hear a little there a little) Through these first efforts, hopefully they will choose to be on the regular mailing list, gradually look into attending services, and finally help us a supporters to continue the outreach and warning messages.

Our second objective is exposure: People canít find us if they donít know who we are. These specials that will begin running for six consecutive weeks, three weeks on (WHT) World Harvest Network, and three weeks on (FETV) Family Entertainment Television. Together these networks go into over 80 million homes.
We sent an advanced version of the special to the LeSea executives and have received very positive and
favorable responses.

Just Because the Program is on TV,
Doesnít Mean People Know the Program is There

We can use your help: in forwarding the information to everyone you know, telling them about the special. The program is different and we believe it will bring ďan awareness,Ē to the general public about Godís plan for salvation, and to introduce the viewer to the Holy Days, and Godís calendar that is simply not known in mainstream Christianity. We hope that it will also bring the church to the thoughts of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, who have never heard of us and bring them to our websites for further information.

It is not a ďreligious programĒ as religious programs go. Itís a documentary style program with all the bells and whistles focused on Godís Word and Godís Plan for salvation. Weíve added a link for the first 5 minutes of the program that brings you to the introduction to give you an idea of what the special will be like.

Please Pray to be Invited on More and More Talk Shows:

It is the most important way for us to get the word out, let me explain.

The executives of LeSea will be releasing a press release to many of the television programs in their network that do religious programming in an effort to invite me on their shows to promote Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses.

Initially, I will be on the World Harvest Show. (Possibly twice-once for each of the networks) The World Harvest Show is their flagship program to talk about our special. It goes to 115 million homes. Additionally, the live program is rerun several times during the day on cable networks and the internet. There is no way we can pay for this type of exposure. I pray this is just the first of many shows I can be invited on. With each invitation, we are able to reach many more people that we could ever reach by advertisements alone.
This is our first large scale outreach. Please pray for its success, it is so important, and please pass along the word to everyone you know. God has blessed us with pioneering a concept that is new to the Church of God Community. Through this outreach, we bear witness that you donít have to have millions of dollars to reach millions of people. What you need is Godís blessings to touch the lives of millions. Through those blessings, He will open doors, that dollars simply cannot.


We begin airing our special on Saturday Night April 4th. We did this for some very special and important reasons. We have coordinated our timing to Godís Holy Days, the Blood Moons, and First Fruits.

April 4th is the night following the first Holy Day, and is the beginning of the Feast of Weeks, or the Feast of First Fruits. It was on this evening that Christ was risen waiting to ascend to the Father shortly after sunrise, timed precisely to the waving of the sheaf by the high priest.

This is also the time of the Third Blood Moon of this Tetrad period. That alone is catching the attention of millions of people around the world.

We are dedicating our beginning special to the timing of the First Fruits. The timing couldnít be any more important as we reach out to the unconverted world on the prescribed days in Godís plan for salvation. We will then run the special for six consecutive weeks. God willing, we will raise enough funds to add the seventh week to conclude on Pentecost. I canít tell you how exciting this is to have these events fall into place to tie our programming into Godís plan and Godís timing. I truly believe this has come about through divine intervention. I honestly didnít initially plan this at the beginning. It came about in a manner we hadnít considered. As things began to fall in place, and God opened the doors and we stepped out on faith to secure the times, God allowed it to happen. I donít think Iím overstating when I say, this is like a small miracle for us. Please take the time to praise and thank our Father for giving us this opportunity.

(World Harvest TV) Saturday Nights: April 4, April 11, April 18
Times: 11:00PM ET, 10:00 PM CT, 9:00 MT, 8:00PM ET

(FETV) Family Entertainment Television:
Sunday Nights: April 26, May 3, May 10
Times: 11:00PM ET, 10:00 PM CT, 9:00 MT, 8:00PM ET

Please look for the airing in your local area. Hopefully it will be aired. If not we are making it available on DVD, and on the Website beginning in April. (Date to be set)



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