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God's Unchanging Word eNews Alert, October 28th, 2016

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October 28
th, 2016


News, Nuggets, and Insights

The Church of God, Ministries International and its Associated Churches Across the World, Report Increased Feast of Tabernacles Attendance as We End Godís Fall Holy Day Season on a High Note!

For most of us, itís good to be home from our Ďtemporary dwellings,í but at the same time, it was sad leaving the brethren with whom we spent those precious Feast Days.

From all accounts, each of the Feast Sites of the Church of God, Ministries International had an inspiring and uplifting Feast of Tabernacles. It was such a joy seeing old friends, and making new ones. Each Sermon and Sermonette was uplifting and as it often happens, they all tied into a common theme, all unplanned, but obviously inspired. Those who werenít able to attend, tuned into services each day of the Feast via the internet.

We at The Church of God, Ministries International want to thank all of those who helped to make each Feast Site such a success. We also want to thank everyone for their continued support in helping us get the warning message to this sick and weary world. It is upon the heels of Godís wonderful Holy Days that we clearly see the contrast between Godís way and the way of this end time age.

The Feast of Tabernacles was a wonderful time of tasting how life will be in Godís Kingdom. We look forward to helping usher in that Kingdom as we strive to be a witness and continue to reach out to those who are seeking the truth of God in a world that seems to reject that truth more and more.

We will be presenting our Friday E-mail Alerts next week, with new material from Godís Unchanging Word. Till then, have a wonderful Sabbath and profitable week ahead.


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