This Friday August 1st. at 6:00 PM
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Start your Sabbath this Friday evening
with a new special one
God's Unchanging Word


Interview on GUCW with Boyd Tuttle. Boyd Tuttle, president of Legends Library; discusses the Abandonment of God in America, and the fruits brought on its youth. This is a very heartfelt discussion of this nation on,

 Godís Unchanging Word

You donít want to miss this impacting program.

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This Friday Juy18th. at 6:00 PM
(or sooner)

 Start your Sabbath this Friday evening
with a new special one
God's Unchanging Word
Program for July 18th., 2014

Stephen Spykerman Discusses his book
ďCovenant With DeathĒ

on Godís Unchanging Word

In this Godís Unchanging Word Program,
 Mr. Spykerman goes into Israelís covenant relationship with the Eternal. And their continual covenant with other nations which eventually brings about a covenant with Death.

This is the interview done with Stephen following the popular sermon delivered and on the GUCW website.
You donít want to miss this impacting program.


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ďFreedom -
Cries From WithinĒ

Every year we in America sets aside a special day we call July 4th. 
This Important message talks about the FREEDOM that most of the world doesn't know about.  Freedom that is built within each of us. 
We in America are loosing our Freedom, our heritage that God give to each us from the beginning of time.


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Replay Archive

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Mr. Stephen J. Spykerman
coming all the way from England, author of many books and world lecturer. 
Mr. Spykerman will be
speaking about his BEST SELLER

Time to Lift Your Prophetic Veil"

Be Prepared to be Uplifted and Encouraged when you hear the incredible heritage of our
Great Nation.

Thursday Night Lecture

God's Unchanging Word
TV Interview with
Stephen J. Spykerman


Pathway to Freedom

This is part of our American Patriotic Messages

This message by Tom Kerry take you on a journey into the past.  It speaks about our roots in America, and what our forefathers left for us today.  How these roots have changed and what it is doing to the United States today.  This is given for the whole family to enjoy and learn some history that many have not heard of or may have forgotten over the years. 

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"American - Pathway to Freedom"


America has lost it's Moral, Ethical, Spiritual and is ready to bankrupt itself to ultimately lose it's Physical/Financial way.  The problem is, "America hasn't any idea as to Why or How?

Following the election on November 6, 2012, we are witnessing another "Embarkation" of America.

The Bible predicted many year ago that there is a way to prosperity and a way to financial ruin.  America has taken the way of financial ruin.

In this 3 part series, Mr. Tom Kerry goes into the "Truth" about why America Cannot Fix it's own problems, and why it will take Jesus Christ to resolve the Calamity we have today.


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(NOTE: Each series part will be mailed under separate cover.)


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Traits of a Godly Woman
By: Jean Dionne

This is a new book published by
The Church of God, Ministries International.

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